The main objective is implementation of the Component II: Monitoring and Indicator Development of the UNEP/GEF Medium Sized Project „Capacity development for the integration of global environmental commitments into national policies and development decision making in Bosnia and Herzegovina“ in 2016.


Specific objectives are to conduct activities related to an indicator framework development and adoption, as well as an Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) introduction to manage national environmental issues in accordance with MEA (Multilateral Environmental Agreement) guidance and assitance in capacity building for national stakeholders.

Type of services provided

Build an indicator framework for the collection and management of MEA dana in line with guidance from CBD, UNCCD and UNFCCC

Prepare detailed dana collection, sharing and reporting mechanism scheme, in line with the indicator framework, to be adopted by the BiH governments for an improved MEA reporting system

Develop quality control/validation procedures and identify responsible scientific and institutional correspondents

Support MOFTER and Entities environmental authorities in  the development of a BiH MEA information management policy and related procedures

Organisation of cross-cutting awareness raising meetings with stakeholders on the importance of integrating environmental management into planning and monitoring processes