CENER 21 is  a member of the  AMWAJ Alliance, a thriving network of journalists, researchers and organizations dedicated to advancing water-related sustainable development. AMWAJ is a Mediterranean-wide initiative with an aim to ensure accurate and effective communication about water challenges in order to inspire action toward sustainable water management. The initiative unites communication and media stakeholders, business, researchers and policymakers. As an AMWAJ member, CENER 21 has the opportunity to contribute to a healthier and more equitable Mediterranean. Moreover, CENER 21 has voting power in the General Assembly, with access to all AMWAJ water and energy publications. The membership also ensures a chance to participate in all activities of the initiative, showcase projects on its website, partake in biannual forums and expands its outreach through social media channels of AMWAJ Alliance.

CENER 21 is a part of the LogEX Community which strives to bridge the gap between higher education and the labour market in the Western Balkan region. As a diversified community, LogEx facilitates shared learning and collaboration while also assisting in the development of human capital, the advancement of circular economy, and the reduction of unemployment and outmigration. The LogEx Community was founded as a partnership platform between universities and academics, civil society organizations and business actors from the Western Balkan region, and the region’s diaspora.

CENER 21 is a member of the Global Waste Cleaning Network, an international non-profit network of NGOs, educational institutions, and private and public sector companies, which are actively involved in environmental issues such as management and reduction of waste in the world, and the conservation of the oceans, coastlines, lands and atmosphere. As a member of the GWCN, CENER 21 is au courant with global environmental issues, with access to an information library about environmental events and a network of international members.  The membership also entails participation in annual conferences and regular webinars, and it deems CENER 21 eligible for grant opportunities from around the world.

The 21st Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols (COP 21, Naples, Italy, 2-5 December 2019) endorsed the list of new Mediterranean Action Plan Partners, through decision IG.24/2 “Governance”. Pursuant to this Decision, CENER 21 has been accredited as a MAP Partner. Based on the Code of Conduct, CENER 21 may formulate comments and make proposals on the activities of MAP and Contracting Parties as well as the right to access environmental information. CENER 21 is in position to participate in seminars, colloquia and conferences organized by the various MAP bodies. CENER 21 is invited to appoint their representatives at the periodic meetings of accredited NGOs, especially prior to the Meetings of the Contracting Parties.

Circular Economy Club

CENER 21 is one of the few organizations from the Balkan region to join the Circular Economy Club and the only organization who joined this club from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The club's main goals are: connecting professionals to foster opportunities and collaboration and providing them with the tools and resources needed to bring the circular economy to life.  As a CEC member, CENER 21 has a chance to promote its circular economy latest initiative, to open a CEC Chapter in headquarters, to get a free mentorship from the CEC mentors as well as to become a CEC University Champion and pitch the circular economy in the local university.

RECPnet - the Global Network for Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production

CENER21 has joined to a dedicated international network of over 70 leading Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) service providers to exchange knowledge, best practice and expertise and to work together on the advancement of RECP around the world.  RECPnet operates as a global networking initiative that brings together organizations professionally involved in, and committed to, the promotion and implementation of RECP in developing and transition countries. As a RECPnet member, CENER21 gains full access to technical and sector-specfic information on RECP concepts, methods, policies, best practices and technologies.

Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)

CENER21 is the only non-govermental organization from the Balkan region to join the network and one of the few among the South East Europe countries to hold a CTN membership. As a CTN member, CENER21 pledges to enhance technical cooperation and the development and transfer of technology to developing country parties to support action on climate mitigation and adaptation. The organization is eligible to participate in CTCN activities including a bidding process for implementing technical assistance projects.

United Nations - Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) CSO Network

CENER21 is an accredited member of the UNCCD CSO network and one of the 3 CSOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, engaging and partnering with United Nation's conventions, programmes and agencies to create valuable links between the larger United Nations system and stakeholders around the world. The UNCCD is one of the three Rio conventions initiated by the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. A key objective of the UNCCD is to become a global authority on scientific and technical knowledge in the areas of desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD) and to address negative effects of DLDD on productive land and relevant ecosystems.