• identify and assess the challenges in terms of climate change adaptation in the mountain regions with regards to social, economic and environment vulnerabilities, linking it to existing community practices
  • identify bottleneck
  • provide recommendations for future policy development at sub-regional, national and local levels
  • present the background document and validate the main findings and recommendations based on an interactive discussion with key experts from the regions and participants.


  • Networking and Communication
  • Development of inventory on policies (data collection)
  • Development of case studies (inventory of practices), considering the following:
  • Assessment/Analysis (based on inventory)
  • Review of existing sub-regional and national climate change adaptation policies and strategies
  • Assess institutional capacities with regards to climate change adaptation
  • Identify priority areas for future policy development in key areas (agriculture, water, tourism, energy, biodiversity)
  • Develop set of draft recommendations for policy follow-up action


  • Assessment Review
  • Co-organization and implementation of the regional meeting to review the prepared draft regional assessment on climate change and adaptation in mountain regions
  • Elaboration of relevant meeting documents
  • Coordination of the group of experts to undertake the policy analysis and compilation of the inventory of practices (case studies)
  • Provide technical assistance to the mountain workshop