Inadequate treatment and poor waste management of plastic material and other types of recyclables have negative impact on the entire community and environment. Prevention and reduction of waste disposal depicted through eco-design-restoration-recycling prism has the abundant potential that still hasn’t been fully recognized by decision makers in BiH. Circular-based green economy, opposite to the conventional linear approach, is still a new area in our society, which has been characterized as the one with low resource efficiency. End-consumers are not sufficiently aware of alternative “non-plastic” options, as the opportunities and practices for reducing plastic use are not publicly promoted, while local innovations in this area are almost non-existent.

Green Economy for a Greener Society project is designed to tackle recognized waste management related issues through three tailor-made interconnected activities showcasing the positive environmental impact of three green local businesses. The project aims to introduce the green economy concept through the promotion of good local practices while acknowledging their beneficial impact on society and environment.

Three local businesses, Maja Halilović design, Kesa d.o.o. and Wood Surgery, which also represent the end-users of the project, are directly involved in all project activities to promote their work based on the principles of the green economy and raise awareness through examples of good practice in the field of sustainable development. The activities related to strengthening the capacity of potential young entrepreneurs on the principles and steps necessary for the implementation of green businesses will include students of the First Gymnasium Sarajevo and students of the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, product design department. Activities to be carried out together with target groups include:

  1. Promotional videos shooting for 3 businesses based on the principles of the green economy and their positive impact on the environment
  2. Organization of a workshop in the field of biodesign, and
  3. Field visit to the two businesses based on the green economy in Vogošća, Kesa d.o.o., and in Zenica, Wood Surgery

The implementation of project activities is expected to improve the position of local businesses in the community as a whole, so that the community will become more aware of the efforts that green businesses invest in the welfare of society, and will encourage community members to contribute to preserving that well-being. Through demonstration, theoretical and field activities, it seeks to encourage creative thinking as an important factor in the green economy while gaining a unique opportunity for students to feel as a part of a community that can contribute to environmental protection by developing their own business ideas in this area.

Financial support for this project was provided by the European Union through the EU-funded project NAGE – Networking and Advocacy for Green Economy, implemented by the Network for Rural Development of Northern Macedonia in cooperation with the Networks for Rural Development of Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.


Photo credit: Freepik