On November 25, 2017, CENER21 officially became a regular member of the global network for resource efficient and cleaner production – RECPnet.


CENER21 has joined to a dedicated international network of over 70 leading Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) service providers to exchange knowledge, best practice and expertise and to work together on the advancement of RECP around the world.


The primary objective of RECPnet is to contribute to the effective and efficient development, application, adaptation, scaling up and mainstreaming of RECP concepts, methods, policies, practices and technologies in developing and transition economies.


Every two years, all RECPnet members are invited to the Global Network Conference on RECP, a one-of-a-kind global forum bringing together top RECP professionals, United Nations officials, representatives of donor governments and institutions, and international development stakeholders.


As a RECPnet member, CENER21 gains full access to technical and sector-specfic information on RECP concepts, methods, policies, best practices and technologies.


Besides, RECPnet members are eligible for participation – and potentially funding – for capacity-building activities and training courses, in order to enhance the service delivery of their organizations.


As a regular member, CENER21 is also eligible to deliver contracted services under the joint UNIDO-UNEP Global Programme on RECP in Developing and Transition Countries.


Members of RECPnet are also invited to bi-annual meetings of their respective Regional Chapters, to galvanize knowledge transfer, networking and joint actions to scale up and mainstream RECP at a regional level.


RECPnet operates as a global networking initiative that brings together organizations professionally involved in, and committed to, the promotion and implementation of RECP in developing and transition countries.


More information about RECPnet at: