CENER21 is proud to join a significant project aimed at addressing single-use plastics in the Adriatic region through public and private collaboration. Led by MedWaves under the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), this initiative focuses on promoting a circular economy, combating marine litter and plastics pollution, managing toxic chemicals, and fostering the blue economy. 

In partnership with the Italian Ministry for the Ecological Transition (MITE), MedWaves has published guidelines for tackling single-use plastics through public procurement. These guidelines have identified effective measures to prevent the use of single-use plastic products (SUPPs) in the hospitality, restaurant, and catering (HORECA) sector of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro. The project aims to enhance policies and engage businesses in actively reducing SUPPs waste. 

At CENER21, we are dedicated to promoting green procurement practices among public and private organizations to reduce waste from SUPPs in catering services, vending machines, large events, hotels, cafes, and restaurants. To further these efforts, we are launching a new project in select municipalities of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro, focusing on waste reduction from disposable SUPPs. 

The project has two primary objectives. Firstly, through the Low Plastic Zone (LPZ) initiative, HORECA businesses will implement tailored measures to reduce their consumption of disposable single-use plastic products, promoting sustainable alternatives and minimizing plastic waste. 

Secondly, the project will encourage relevant municipalities to adopt green procurement practices by incorporating green criteria into their procedures for catering services, vending machines, and the organization of large events. These municipalities will play a significant role in reducing SUPPs waste. 

To achieve these objectives, MedWaves has partnered with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. GIZ has successfully implemented the LPZ initiative in five municipalities (Lezha and Finiq in Albania; Neum and Trebinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Ulcinj in Montenegro) as part of the “Integrated Waste Management and Marine Litter Prevention Programme in the Western Balkans.” Through this partnership, MedWaves and GIZ are working together to ensure a cohesive approach and effective communication tools, aiming for a regional reduction in SUPPs. 

The target groups for this project include municipalities responsible for procurement and licensing large events, the HORECA sector, hospitality and HORECA sector associations, national authorities overseeing public procurements, as well as national authorities responsible for nature protection, waste management, and tourism promotion. 

CENER21 is honored to contribute to this collaborative effort in combating plastic pollution and promoting sustainable practices in the Adriatic region. Together with our partners, we are confident that we can make a significant impact in reducing single-use plastics and creating a cleaner, healthier environment for all.