The Western Balkan (WB) region is highly exposed to climate change (CC) and lack the capacities to cope with the adverse impacts of CC. Inadequate infrastructure is becoming a major security problem. Thus, the need for climate proofing infrastructure in general and road infrastructure is recognized as a high priority in various regional and national assessments facilitated by UN agencies and the EU.

ClimaProof will result in increased technical capacities of the relevant national authorities in 6 countries of WB (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Albania) in the field of climate change adaptation, specifically climate proofing of road infrastructure, green infrastructure and evidence-based policy development in the field of climate change adaptation.

The long-term objective of ClimaProof is to contribute to the reduction of climate change risks in the WB region while raising awareness, strengthening capacities, and creating an enabling environment for investment in green infrastructure.

The project outcomes are completely interrelated and are inclusive of cross-cutting issues of climate change, capacity development, awareness raising and public participation with strong emphasis on climate proofing measures, exploring, and strengthening the role that green infrastructure could play in adapting road infrastructure in the WB.

The Project includes six activities:

  1. Development of Regional strategy for climate resilient infrastructure in the Western Balkans, followed with an action plan identifying concrete climate proofing measures including green infrastructure;
  2. Enhancing national capacities for replicating EU best practices regarding financing and economic instruments for climate proofing and green infrastructure;
  3. Development of Guidelines on EU best practices on economic instruments;
  4. Development of Fund-raising mechanism for climate resilient infrastructure development in the WB region;
  5. Development of Evaluation mechanism for project proposals integrating climate proofing and green infrastructure;
  6. Establishment of an information-sharing platform that will be used by national government officials responsible for the infrastructure planning and construction sector.