Green Economy for a Greener Society project is designed to tackle recognized waste management related issues through three tailor-made interconnected activities showcasing the positive environmental impact of three green local businesses. The overall objective of the project is to introduce the green economy concept through the promotion of good local practices while acknowledging their beneficial impact on society and environment. Three local businesses are directly involved in all project activities to (1) promote their work based on green economy principles and (2) raise awareness through good practices in the field of sustainable development:

  1. Maja Halilovic Design – an innovator working in the field of biodesign. She is engaged in the production of various objects (e.g. clothing, jewelry) from materials that are biodegradable and renewable and also gives lectures on her research work within a completely new branch of design – biodesign.
  2. Stribor – a contemporary fashion brand, applying zero-waste, fair-trade slow-fashion approach. Clothes and bags are handmade  in limited series.
  3. Wood Surgery – company that redesigns old wooden furniture and brings back to life old pieces of furniture so that the seemingly unusable piece of furniture receives a completely new look while becoming functional again.

The implementation of project activities is expected to improve the position of local businesses in the community as a whole, so that the community will become more aware of the efforts that green businesses invest in the welfare of society, and will encourage community members to contribute to preserving that well-being. Through demonstration, theoretical and field activities, it seeks to encourage creative thinking as an important factor in the green economy while gaining a unique opportunity for students to feel as a part of a community that can contribute to environmental protection by developing their own business ideas in this area.

Financial support for this project was provided by the European Union through the NAGE – Networking and Advocacy for Green Economy program, implemented by the Network for Rural Development of Northern Macedonia in cooperation with the Networks for Rural Development of Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.