The STRIDE project is implemented within the Third Call of the Danube Transnational Programme (DTP). The main objective of the project is to provide comprehensive support to regional and local policy makers in the Danube region to improve energy planning through the integration of Smart Grid concepts and improve energy security and energy efficiency.

In recent years, the development of new technologies has enabled more concrete and realistic system solutions in terms of Smart Grids, with Smart Grids increasingly representing the overall future development of the electric power system.

Smart network concepts cover all phases – from planning, operation, network maintenance on the one hand and production, transmission, distribution and end use on the other. Although prepared from a technological point of view for the application of Smart Grids, the Danube region is still at an early stage of actual implementation of smart distribution systems, as regions and local communities in the Danube area do not have enough knowledge and capacity to integrate Smart Grids into regional and local policies. Changing local policies to integrate the Smart Grid concept is crucial for the further development of Smart Villages, Smart Cities or Smart Regions.

Following a regional analysis of the current situation in all regions, a Smart Grid Strategy will be developed and efforts will be made to support its successful implementation in partner regions.

The partnership on the project is well balanced with competent partners, including energy agencies, the university, research organizations, energy clusters and policy makers. The composition of the partnership is crucial and combines different roles to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs and specific characteristics of the regions involved with different levels of economic development. Some of the main objectives of the transnational project include regional analyses, development of strategies, guidebooks and action plans that will enable and accelerate the integration of Smart Grid concepts into local policies in the Danube region.

The leading partner of the STRIDE project is the Local Energy Agency of the Spodnje Podravje (LEASP), together with seven project partners and eight associated partners from Slovenia, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

CENER21 is a project partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is involved in regional analysis, strategy development, action plans and training activities, which will enable and accelerate the integration of Smart Grid concepts into local policies in the Danube region.