As more countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, develop their tourism industry which produces significant impact on natural resources and consumption patterns – the need for sustainable management becomes the imperative. Hoteliers and caterers have a great role in this process, specifically in reducing the amount of waste generated by reducing the use of plastic packages or completely disposing many unnecessary plastic products. The tourist cluster “UNASANA” aimed to respond to the growing demand of tourists for sustainable concept and came up with the project “Plastic free objects in NP Una”.

“The main goal of this project is to develop the Action plan for alternative solutions of replacement of single-use plastics or putting it out of use in catering objects, while the specific objective refers to introducing the “Plastic free” label – said Mrs. Elvira Fileković from the Tourist cluster “UNASANA” for the national television. Watch the full video here.

This was an occasion for CENER 21 to get involved and support two-day educational workshop for hoteliers and caterers within the National park Una, with their expertise in the field. The workshop was held on August 12, 2020 in the National park Una.

The participants who attended the workshop learned:

  • why single-use plastics is dangerous for the environment and which are the ways to reduce it in catering sector;
  • how to make own strategies for reducing single-use plastics;
  • how to report and spread awareness of good practice on social media;
  • how to use Booking for promotion of environmentally sustainable business;
  • how to communicate with guests using guidelines.

By applying what has been learned, hoteliers and caterers will gain a competitive advantage and attract a larger number of tourists who are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly services. Participants of the workshop who eliminate the use of disposable plastics from their business will get the label “Plastic Free“, in the purpose of equalizing catering capacity and creating a recognizable touristic offer that would create a reputation of the protected area that cares about its environment and raises environmental awareness in the local community. CENER 21 was thrilled to share knowledge and best practices in the field and super excited for implementing this concept in the area!

The workshop was held within the project “Misli o prirodi” implemented by Center for promotion of civil society and funded by the Kingdom of Sweden. The main aim of this project is to increase the influence of civil society in environmental protection trough networking of civil society organizations, institutions, professionals, media and youth for joint action at the local level. More details about the project you can find here.