The first training Pro Biodiversity Business plan development for the future entrepreneurs in the wider area of Bijambare Protected Landscape (PL) was held on February 7, 2019 in Ajdinovići. The training was organized by the Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas Sarajevo (CPE PAM) and CENER 21 within the ECO KARST programme for small businesses development in the wider area of Bijambare Protected PL.

There is a great potential for the business development that goes along with the nature protection in the wider area of Bijambare PL. Following the Public call announced by CPE PAM in October 2018, 8 natural persons and legal entities applied for the development/enhancement of their new/existing pro-biodiversity business idea within the ECO KARST programme. All applicants had a chance to meet the representatives of CENER 21 and CPE PAM during a short introductory meeting organized in December, 2018 where they agreed on the programme dynamics and timeline.

This training was one of the first activities focused on the strengthening applicant’s knowledge and skills in the area of business development. Led by experienced economic experts and trainers, Mr Mahir Kalčo and Mr Muris Mešetović, participants were able to learn the theoretical basics of the business plan development as well as to recognize its significance for their work in the future.

After learning some basics, pro-biodiversity applicants approached to practical exercises, each of them developing their own business idea, considering available resources, knowledge, useful skills and contacts. These information were used for the market analysis, SWOT analysis, business strategy, operative strategy, legal aspects, implementation plan and financial analysis) which will serve as a base for the developing of business plan documentation.

Out of 8 applicants, 4 applicants are interested in developing a rural household offering accommodation and homemade meals for visitors. The other half of applicants is interested in wool processing and knitting, equestrian tourism, recycling and improvement of the existing business related to essential oils and herbal infusion production.

The training was concluded with planning of the individual workshops among applicants and trainers in the coming period. All participants were very satisfied with the organization and grateful for the opportunity to learn more about other pro-biodiversity business ideas in the wider area of Bijambare PL. No doubt that all business ideas have a huge potential to contribute to the economic development of the area, while enhancing and supporting the nature environment and biodiversity.