This activity is a first step of the overall portfolio of activities led by SCP/RAC with support from both IMELS and EBRD, with the objective of Improving the policy framework and engaging with the food & beverage industry in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro for tackling plastics packaging value chains in a circular economy. The objective of this consultancy is to estimate the quantities and types of food & beverage plastic packaging (FBPP) being placed on the market and in the waste flow in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for a selected baseline year, as well as providing recommendations to enhance data collection and information system related to this topic.

This activity will support the implementation of the Regional Plan on Marine Litter Management in the Mediterranean, adopted in 2013 (COP 18, Decision IG.21/7) as well as the Regional Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Mediterranean adopted in 2016 (COP 19, Decision IG.22/5).