This activity is a first step of the overall portfolio of activities led by SCP/RAC with support from both IMELS and EBRD, with the objective of Improving the policy framework and engaging with the food & beverage industry in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro for tackling plastics packaging value chains in a circular economy. The objective of this consultancy is to identify the main policy gaps and bottlenecks to applying the principles of circularity to plastic packaging in the F&B industry, from the public and private sector perspectives. Firstly, it is needed to have a clear view of the existing policies and measures (including relevant regulations, sector strategies, economic instruments, voluntary initiatives, etc.) in Bosnia and Herzegovina with regards to plastic waste packaging and its origin, as well as the stakeholders involved. Secondly a benchmarking against the EU related acquis, the EU Plastics Strategy, and other regional and/or international conventions and/or action plans will clarify the situation in the countries and will inform the identification of priorities for action.