General purpose of the Project is to contribute to strengthening of the capacity of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to meet its obligations towards the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Main objective of the assignment is to deliver Technical Support for Coordination and Development of the high quality, data driven Sixth National Report  (6NR) of BiH to the CBD that:

  • will improve national decision-making processes for the implementation of NBSAPs
  • will report on progress towards achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Targets (ABTs) and
  • will inform both the Fifth Edition of the Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO5) and the Global Biodiversity Strategy of 2021 – 2030.


Activities of the Project are grouped in 3 major tasks/groups of activities, as follows:

  1. Establishment of the expert team and development of the 6NR of BiH to CBD methodology of work
  2. Progress assessment towards each national target
  3. Sixth National Report production and submission