In September, 2017, CENER21 co-organized  a Protected Areas Managers’ Day for the very first time.

The event was held in Trebinje and gathered 50 participants from 9 different regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1. Bjelašnica-river canyon Rakitnica – Treskavica-Visočica, 2. Botanical reserve Mediteranetum, Neum, 3. Livanjsko polje, 4. Orjen-Bijela Gora, 5. Cave of the Mokranjska Miljacka Spring, 6. Cave system Govještica, 7. Cave system Vjetrenica, 8. Tišina, 9. Zvijezda.

The first Protected Areas Managers’ Day was organized within the project Achieving biodiversity conservation through creation, effective management and spatial designation of protected areas and capacity building, supported by UNEP and GEF. The general objective of the project is to support the expansion of the protected areas system in Bosnia and Herzegovina and build capacities for effective management of biodiversity.

The event represented an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, experience, challenges as well as good practices in protected areas management.


On this ocassion, all protected areas in BiH from category I to category VI were presented by their managers. After short presentations of each protected area, managers discussed the main benefits and issues in management of protected areas in BiH. Together, they worked on possible solutions in an interactive and interesting way.


Through short presentation by CENER21 team, managers learned more about innovative ways of financing mechanisms of protected areas in BiH and new approaches on promotion.


The event was concluded with a case study on Parks of Croatia and their new visual identity.


All managers had a chance to see the new visual identity of Parks of Croatia as well as to watch the inspiring video related to the creation process of unique visual identity that now connects all protected areas in Croatia.