In line with the Law on Environmental protection (O.G. FBiH 33/03) industrial enterprises in FBIH are obliged to obtain environmental permit. The environmental permit is based on prevention concept, where prevention measures have priority over end-of-pipe techniques. The operator is required to independently identify and suggest measures, technologies or other techniques for prevention, and if that is not possible, reduction of emissions from the plant, as well as measures for prevention and reuse of waste generation (Article 69).

However, the practice shows that operators are mainly focused on pollution control, putting effort to fulfil emission limits for air or water emission parameters, while efficient use of natural resources, reduction of energy intensity and other prevention measure that aim at recourse efficient cleaner production (RECP) are not implemented.


The aim of this project is to organise training programme for the industry where the participants would be introduced to prevention concept and methodology and would get motivated to individually introduce RECP with the aim to obtain environmental and economic benefits.