The main goal of the project was to develop business plans for public companies in the area of heating, water infrastructure, coal mining and electricity.


The main project activities included:

  • Monitoring systems (SCADA SYSTEM) – Toplane Sarajevo
  • Reconstruction of roof boiler plant and installation of condensation gas-boiler – Toplane Sarajevo
  • Installation of heating meters – Toplane Sarajevo
  • Replacement of old radiator valves with thermostat valves – Toplane Sarajevo
  • Improvement of energy efficiency through loss decrease in water supply system – Vodovod Cazin
  • Refining of coal and briquetting – Coal mine Kamengrad
  • Co-combustion of biomass and coal in TE Kakanj block 5 – Elektroprivreda BiH

Replacement of circulation pump in the district heating system in Kakanj – Grijanje Kakanj