In cooperation with Municipalities Alliance, Alliance of municipalities and cities of Republika Srpska, Energie Cities Association and ADEME Agency from France, CENER 21 organized the first BISE Forum (Better Integration for Sustainable Energy) in BiH.

The aim of BISE Forum is to inform the local government about BISE activities. The event was attended by 100 participants from across BiH. Considering the significance of this topic in Europe and countries in the region, this forum gained a great attention, with the expectation of future implementation of concrete steps in establishing, developing and strengthening of local government in creation of energy policy, efficient energy utilization and environment protection with concrete measures, actions and projects.


The main project activities included:

  • Establishing of the energy network of municipalities and cities in BiH
  • Presentation of international experiences related to networking of municipalities and cities in the area of energy efficiency

Creating of new opportunities for energy efficiency in municipalities and cities